Restriction to
Become as a Member

  • Person with any type of communicable disease(s)
  • Person ailing from any type of major and / or complex / venereal disease(s)
  • Person of insane or unsound mind
  • Person who was either punished by any court of law or arrested or imprisoned for any fraud, offenses or on charges or against whom any pending complaints lying with any police station, or against whom any trial before civil or criminal court or any other authority is pending anywhere either within or outside India
  • Person who is addicted to smoking, chewing of pan, drug, alcohol, etc.
  • Any other ground(s) of rejection as decided by the management on case to case basis
  • The management reserves the right of admission or rejection of an application.
  • In case if a member, concealed such restrictions while taking his/ her membership, the management will have the full right to terminate such membership immediately upon knowing the fact of such concealment.